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Classic Tractor Issue 208 August 2018

Reader Rebuild: These Fendt tractors have been given a quality refurb for a special anniversary.
Case-IH Comparison: A former Case-IH 4230 competition prize is compared to a new Maxxum.
Forage Harvesting: Grassland ’84: Looking back at the machines that took part in the Grassland ’84 demonstration.
Forage Harvesting: Classic Grassmen: Border Counties Vintage Grassmen’s recent working day was a big success.
Forage Harvesting: Fleet Profile: This contractor relies on 1980s and 90s machines to bring in the silage harvest.GEontents
Forage Harvesting: Farm-Made Forager: A one-of-a-kind self-propelled forager built on a Welsh farm returns to work.
Forage Harvesting: Claas Mower: This ’97 Claas forager has provided the power for triple mowers for 16 years.
Forage Harvesting: Mengele SF300: Thanks to its German owner, this 1982 Mengele SF 300 forager is kept active.
Case Study: There are plenty of one-owner classics still at work on Scotland’s Isle of Bute.
MF Conversion: A rare tracked MF 1250 and a wheeled 1200 version are saved from scrapman.
Market Shares: Analysis of last year’s tractor market reveals how all the brands performed.

Classic Tractor Issue 207 July 2018

Fleet Profile: A mint fleet of modern classic Deeres handle the work on this 250-acre farm.
Driving Impressions: A pivot-steer MF 4840 with a retro-fit turbo is working well in a min-till role.
Ford 70s Special: History: A look inside Ford Tractor Operations and the people who led it in the 1970s.
Ford 70s Special: 7600 Rebuild: Following its rebuild, this Ford 7600 is one of the best examples in the country.
Ford 70s Special: 700 Series Set: This trio of flat-deck Ford 700 Series tractors contains the UK’s only 5700.
Ford 70s Special: Cab Refurbishment: Expert tips on rebuilding Ford Q cabs and a look at what parts are available.
Ford 70s Special: Reflections: Rory Day recalls his experiences using a fleet of three Ford 600 Series tractors.
Ford 70s Special: Memorabilia: Merchandising and models that helped promote Ford tractors during the 1970s.
Reader Rebuild: A visit to MF specialist Gordon Marr to see a multi prize-winning MF 550.
Show Report: There were lots of classics on display at the Eastern Counties Vintage Show.
Reflections: Reminiscences of a pea viner operator who is about to enter his 42nd season.

Classic Tractor Issue 206 June 2018

Fleet Profile: Contractor John Napthine’s collection of Harvest Gold classics is impressive.
Driving Impressions: Three models from John Deere’s ‘Iron Horses’ 40 Series are taken for a drive.
Low Cab Classics: Height Restriction: A review of the 1970s and 80s models with cabs of 2.3m in height and under.
Low Cab Classics: Lift-Off Duncan: The story of the Duncan quick detach cab that was an option on the MF 390.
Low Cab Classics: Case Study: A study of 11 low-profile tractors that are being kept busy on livestock farms.
Low Cab Classics: Case-IH Low Profile: The background to the LP cabs fitted to the Case-IH 3200 and 4200 Series.
Low Cab Classics: Market Review: A review of the recent and current lowprofile tractors in the sub-120hp sector.
Memory Lane: Stuart Gibbard reveals why his all-time favourite tractor is a David Brown 1390.
Tractor World: A round-up of the classic highlights at the first Tractor World Scotland Show.
Harrison Clearview: The history of a DB-based tool carrier designed by a Cambridgeshire farmer.

Classic Tractor Issue 205 May 2018

Fleet Profile: We profile a fleet in Buckinghamshire that’s coming up for auction very soon.
Somerset Show: John Deere was the main theme at this year’s brilliant Somerset Tractor Show.
Fiat 90 Series Special: History: All you need to know about the history of the popular Fiatagri 90 Series range.
Fiat 90 Series Special: Case Study: A selection of Fiat 90 Series operators give us their opinions on their tractors.
Fiat 90 Series Special: Buyers’ Guide: If you are thinking of buying a 110-90, then you need to read this useful guide.
Fiat 90 Series Special: Fleet Profile: Four Fiat tractors from round the world help get the work done on an Irish farm.
High-Hour Classic: It has done over 26,000 hours, but this Fiat 160- Fiat 90 Series Special: 90 is still a frontline machine.
Heritage Launch: We report on Fingal Vintage Society’s celebration of 100 years of JD tractors.
Original Classic: The Belarus DT-75M was the cheapest crawler money could buy in the 1970s.
Tractor World: Here is our pick of the vibrant variety of tractors at the Tractor World Show.
Deutz Intrac: We catch up with four working Deutz Intrac tractors in their native Germany.

Classic Tractor Issue 204 April 2018

Original Classics: Mighty steel-track Caterpillars take on heavy land on a Nottinghamshire farm.
Modern Classics: Well-cared for 1980s and 90s tractors are the backbone of this Norfolk farm.
Smaller Models: Mixing older and more recent tractors works a treat on this 85-acre operation.
Farming Foothold: Classic kit is helping this young Lancs farmer to get a foothold in the industry.
2WD Tyre Guide: If your two-wheel drive tractor needs front tyres, check out our price guide.
Tyre Health: Advice on how to look after your tyres and what factors impact on their health.
From the Archives: A star-spangled return to the heyday of US tractor making in the 1960s and 70s.
LAMMA Show: A round-up of some of the aftermarket parts and accessories seen at LAMMA.
Beet Harvesters: The UK story of Moreau, Vervaet and beet harvester specialist Jeremy Riley.
Plough Parts: Dowdeswell Parts Services makes and sells parts for all Dowdeswell ploughs.

Classic Tractor Issue 203 March 2018

Original Classics: A look at three super low-hour classics that have just arrived from Scandinavia.
Fleet Profile: This Northern Ireland contracting fleet is true blue with one notable exception.
Prime Mover: A big Case-IH Steiger 9370 is proving its worth on a farm in Northumberland.
Contractor Profile: The story of Robert Self’s contracting business and its mainly JD machinery.
IH Worldwide 4WD: IH Worldwide tractors with 4WD are rare and the reason is explained here.
Original Classics: This team of three 1970s Muir-Hill 121 tractors is set to retire and is up for sale.
Ford 4000: Stuart Gibbard shares his views on the Ford 4000s he used on his family farm.
Online Fraud: We investigate a machinery sales scam and advise how to avoid being a victim.
Reflections: Mervyn Ford finishes his series on his time with Roadless and latterly RWC.

Classic Tractor Issue 202 February 2018

Fleet Profile: This North Yorks farm is powered by MFs, a Same and a scarce Hurlimann.
Show Report: The latest Newark Vintage Tractor & Heritage Show was easily the best yet.
Bomford Special: Superflow: During its 25-year production run, over 20,000 Bomford Superflows were sold.
Bomford Special: Sapper: A County 754 equipped with a Sapper-Bomford loader receives a total rebuild.
Bomford Special: Hedge Cutters: History of Bomford hedge-cutters from the 1940s through to the 80s machines.
Bomford Special: Company Profile: A review of the history of Bomford and the current machines carrying the name.
Case History: In part two of our history of J. I. Case, we reflect on its 1972 merger with DB.
Beet Harvesters: We visit a selection of German sugar beet growers using classic harvesters.
Original Classic: A Kemper single-row maize harvester is keeping costs low in Warwickshire.
Reflections: Mervyn Ford recalls his experiences of working with the Roadless Logmaster.

Classic Tractor Issue 201 January 2018

Deere 55 Series: ‘Project 55’ saw a set of five Deere 55 Series models go to work on one farm.
Fleet Profile: This farm business started from scratch and now it runs a great MF tractor fleet.
1967 Special: New in 1967: A look back at the farm machines thatwere new on the market 50 years ago.
1967 Special: Top Ten Sellers: The UK’s top 10 best-selling tractors of 1967 are lined-up in Leicestershire.
Original Classics: We visit Holland to see three rare self-propelled 70s foragers chopping maize.
Case History: The first in a two-part series examines events leading to the DB/Case merger
Reader Rebuild: This Ford 6600 now has a bright future following a quality refurb by its owner.
Simba Tribute: As Simba closes its doors, we provide a reminder of its many great products.
Reflections: Mervyn Ford reflects on later Roadless tractors, the Thomas and the Teleshift.