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Classic Tractor Issue 200 December 2017 

Fleet Profile: This Suffolk family know how to get the best out of their multiple classics.
Reader Rebuild: A Massey Ferguson 1250 owned from new receives a stunning refurbishment
Cultivations Special: Ford FW-60: A Ford FW-60 fan acquires his dream machine and then puts it back to work.
Cultivations Special: Power Frame: An unusual 1980s powered tool frame is out of retirement and working again.
Cultivations Special: Classic Combination: A Ford 7000 and Ransomes 7-furrow plough work together for the last time.
Cultivations Special: Changing Trends: How cultivation systems have changed over the decades on two Scottish farms.
Harvest Scene: A photograph of a 1966 harvest scene is recreated in exactly the same place.
Original Classic: Fendt 626 LS fans meet up with a pair of former UK models over in Holland.
Big 4WD Book: A review of Octane Press’ huge book on large IH, Case and Steiger tractors.
Reflections: Roadless demonstrator Mervyn Ford reflects on the Tractors at Work trials.
Linkage Systems: All you need to know about lower link sensing and Load Monitor is right here.

Classic Tractor Issue 199 November 2017 

Reader Rebuild: The owner of a rare County 964 shows us the results of his epic refurb project.
Fleet Profile: After running DBs for years, this dairy farm switched to blue tractors in 1990.
Harvest Special: MF Kilmarnock: A look back at M-H and MF combines built at the company’s Kilmarnock site.
Harvest Special: Appreciating Fleet: This Co. Durham cereal enterprise cuts costs with kit that is going up in value.
Harvest Special: Island Combines: Farmers on Scotland’s Isle of Bute use old JD combines to gather their cereals.
Harvest Special: Claas Dominator: A look back at the history of the Claas Dominator, hugely successful design.
Harvest Special: Case Study: Fortschritt combines had a cheap and cheerful image, but they’ve lasted well.
Harvest Special: Carting King: Using a Case-IH Steiger 9370 to do the corn carting works for this family farm.
Reflections: Mervyn Ford looks back at his time as a demo driver for Roadless in the 70’s.
Linkage Systems: The first part of a new series looking at the workings of tractor linkage systems.

Classic Tractor Issue 198 October 2017 

Reader Rebuild: This Ford TW-25 looks like new again thanks to a motorbike racing engineer.
Fleet Profile: Scotland’s biggest JCB Fastrac fleet is operated by an East Lothian contractor.
Modern Classics: MF 6400 Series: Users of eight Sisu-engined MF 6400 Series tractors share their experiences.
Modern Classics: John Deere Foragers: With four Deere foragers at the ready, this dairy farm is very well-equipped.
Modern Classics: Tractor Trade: Some of the modern classics available from a tractor specialist in Nth Yorks.
Modern Classics: Bateman RB-Trac: This Bateman RB-Trac 190, the only one in the UK, is still busy in Suffolk.
Tractor Registrations: Data from the DVLA allows us to sort the UK’s licensed tractors into brands.
Matbro Mastiff: The story of how one of these very rare tractors was rescued back in the 1980s.
Motown Masseys: The 35-year rise and fall of the Massey Ferguson tractor plant in Detroit, USA.
From the Archives: The colourful artwork that was used to entice customers to buy new machines.
Reflections: Mervyn Ford reflects on his early days as an MF apprentice and demonstrator.
Memory Lane: Mervyn Spokes looks back at the range of Belarus equipment sold here in 1995.

Classic Tractor Issue 197 September 2017 

Reader Rebuild: Following a full refurb, this 1984 MF 699 is back making hay for its owner.
Fleet Profile: Leyland blue is the favourite colour of this farming family from Staffordshire.
Selene Conversions: This collection of Selene conversions, six in all, must be the finest in the UK.
Deutz-Fahr Flagships: We catch up with four rare Deutz-Fahr flagships of the 80s and 90s in Holland.
Steiger Special: History: We celebrate 60 years of Steiger with a review of its impressive achievements.
Steiger Special: Variations: How Steiger came to make articulated tractors for many other manufacturers.
Stieger Special: Huntractor: A modern makeover is extending the life of Hungarian-built Raba-Steigers.
Unimog U1200: This Unimog with Terramatic linkage control was once in Merc’s demo fleet.
Review of 1976: A look back to 1976, when the UK was a world-leading farm machinery maker.
Show Report: Border Counties Vintage Grassmen’s annual silage day was a great success.

Classic Tractor Issue 196 August 2017 

Fleet Profile: A nine-strong fleet of Fendts provides the power on a dairy farm in Cumbria.
JCB Comparison: As the JCB Loadall turns 40, we look at two early models and one new one.
UK Market Shares: Analysis of the tractor market shares in 2016, using registration data from DfT
Forager Special: Add-on Engines: The history of Manns’ engine-on Claas trailed foragers is told for the first time.
Forager Special: Great Grass Event: How more than 100 foragers harvested 100 acres in a little over seven minutes
Forager Special: Reader Rebuild: A rare Matbro loading shovel is back at work with an Irish farm contractor.
Forgare Special: Claas Jaguar 800: A 20-year old Jaguar 800 has proven cost-effective on a family dairy farm.
Forager Special: Classic Fleet: A rare Mengele Mammut heads a fleet of cost-effective classics in Co. Meath.
DB Development: In their 50th year, we look back at the development of the DB 780 and 1200.
Show Report: Centenary of Fordson was celebrated at a large working event in Wiltshire.
From the Archives: How SEM Engineering was involved with County projects in its final years.

Classic Tractor Issue 195 July 2017 

FEATURES: Fleet Profile: A Ford and John Deere fleet is holding its value for these Lincs arable farmers.
Original Classic: Evaluating a mint 1550-hour JD 2130 fitted with a HFWD front ‘assist’ axle.
Reader Rebuild: A rough but rare DB 1690 Turbo gets rebuilt by a family of DB enthusiasts.
GIANTS OF THE FIELD: Matbro Mastiff: This powerful and elusive British-built artic tractor was way ahead of its time.
From the Archives: A review of the specialist tractors used for growing sugarcane since the 1960s.
Show Report: This year’s Eastern Counties Vintage Show had a theme of IH and Case-IH.

Classic Tractor Issue 194 June 2017 

Fleet Profile: Classic and modern Massey Fergusons power a family veg farm in Lancashire.
Challenger Evolution: Challenger turns 30 this year. We visit a variety of past and present machines.
Dyno Day: Over 35 tractors were put to the test at a well-attended dyno day in Yorkshire.
Reader Rebuild: This French-built four-wheel drive MF 595 looks stunning after a super refurb.
From the Archives: Some of the fascinating machines used in the sugarcane crop around the world.
Implement History: Jones Engineering celebrates 30 years of making innovative farm equipment.
Original Classics: A review of the big classic models that help with harvest in Western Australia.
Tractor Development: A look back at the history of the Dutra and Rába brands produced in Hungary.
Tractor Trade: Our review of the new and used tractor market since last year’s EU referendum.

Classic Tractor Issue 193 May 2017 

Fleet Profile: A mixed fleet of old and new tractors is a good fit for this family dairy farm.
Reader Rebuild: A 1996 JCB Fastrac 185-65 has a new lease of life thanks to a young devotee.
Super Cabs Special: John Deere SG2: The inside story of the SG2 cab from a Deere engineer involved in the project.
Super Cabs Special: International XL: It cost a fortune to design and develop, but the IH XL was a great looking cab.
Super Cabs Special: Ford Super-Q: The background to the development of the Ford Super-Q cab during the 1980s.
Tractor World Show: All the best classics seen at this year’s spring Tractor World show at Malvern.
Original Classic: This totally original barn-find County 954 is coming up for sale on 22 April.
From the Archives: A review of some of the specialist and adapted machines for sugar cane crops.
Tractor Development: The 8000 and 9000 were the first Ford tractor models to push out over 100hp.

Classic Tractor Issue 192 April 2017 

Reader Rebuild: This stunning IH 1056XL has emerged from a 12-month professional overhaul.
From the Archives: A fascinating look into some of SEM’s engineering projects back in the 1990s.
Renault Special: Archive Images: A pictorial ramble though the Renault Agriculture tractors built in the 1990s.
Renault Special: Flagship Models: We visit some high-powered Renaults working in both the UK and in Ireland.
Renault Special: Case Study: Visits to dealers and farmers involved in selling and operating older Renaults. 192 April 2017
Renault Special: Fleet Profile: Renaults have been an ever-present on this farm at Alford in Lincs since 1983.
Renault Special: Reader Rebuild: A former Renault agent treats a 155-54 model to a very in-depth refurbishment.
LAMMA Show: Our LAMMA report focuses on parts, accessories, tools and classic tractors.
Somerset Show: The centenary of Fordson and Ford was celebrated at this year’s Somerset Show.
Machinery History: The history of KeyAg, a major name in potato equipment in the 1980s and 90s.
Transport Workshop: Contractors hear the latest on transport safety and regulations from the experts.

Classic Tractor Issue 191 March 2017 

Classic Comparison: A Case-IH Maxxum 5150 and a Ford 8340 SLE go head-to-head in Norfolk.
Modern Coventry Classics: Little Red Tractors: A pair of late MF 230 models with low hours are compared to a 1972 MF 135.
Modern Coventry Classics: Last of the Line: We visit some of Banner Lane’s final MF 4300 Series models built in 2002.
Reader Rebuild: The remarkable story of a unique 1990 Marshall 902 returned to original spec.
Machinery History: Our history of Whitsed continues with a look at its range in the 1970s and 80s.
Fleet Profile: A sizeable fleet of Fiat tractors does all the work at this Dutch fruit tree nursery.
Reflections: John Taylor looks back at his 50-year career with P. V. Dobson of Cumbria.
From the Archives: A review of some of the machines built and adapted for working in the forestry.

Classic Tractor Issue 190 February 2017 

Fleet Profile: Modern classic John Deeres and a JCB Fastrac rule in this well-kept farm fleet.
MF 3000 Series: Recreating History: We hit the field and re-create a prelaunch test drive of the 3000 Series.
MF 3000 Series: Launch Demo: Quick thinking saved the day during a demo at the 3000 Series launch in ’86.
MF 3000 Series: High-Hour MF: Even with 23,500 hours clocked, this 1993 MF 3070 is still totally reliable.
MF 3000 Series: Test Drive: Bringing the MF story up to date with a test drive of the new four-pot 6718S.ry2017AGSHPS OFYESTERYEAR.
Flagships of Yesteryear: Range Review: ur review of the powerhouse tractors that topped the ranges in the early ’80s.
Flagships of Yesteryear: Ford TW-35: We visit an owner of Ford’s iconic big tractor and look at the model’s history.
Flagships of Yesteryear: Hürlimann H-6160: We take a turn at the wheel of possibly the one example still at work in the UK.
Flagships of Yesteryear: MF 2720: It takes some muscle to operate this big MF tractor, but it really pulls its weight.
Flagships of Yesteryear: John Deere 4850: Hugely impressive in its day, this John.
Deere is still a pleasure to drive today.
Machinery History: Tracing the history of Whitsed, a name once synonymous with root harvesters.

Classic Tractor Issue 189 January 2017 

Fleet Profile: Modern classic New Hollands in mint condition power this Staffs dairy farm.IL
Pocket Rockets Special: The Top 10: Our choice of the top 10 four-cylinder turbo tractors that really pack a punch.
Pocket Rockets Special: Old & New: A comparison of the popular MF 390T with its modern counterpart, the 4709.
Pocket Rockets Special: Market Review: In-depth analysis of the current market for second-hand pocket rocket models.
Pocket Rockets Special: Archive Fleet: A succession of Doe tractors helped to build this farming business in Suffolk.
Case Study: The story of Dania and Dronningborg, featuring ombines at work in the UK.
Renault Reunion: Dozens of Renault tractors turned out for a unique gathering held in Devon.
Reflections: John Frisby recalls how he set a world ploughing record with an IMT in 1978.
Show Report: Highlights from a show in Holland that featured a line-up of 300 rare Schlüters.
Tractor Development: A rare insight into how County viewed the 4WD market back in the late 1970s.