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Classic Tractor Issue 188 December 2016 

Fleet Profile: A powerhouse Same Galaxy 170 heads a mixed fleet of classics in Westmeath.
JD50 Anniversary: We joined 14,000 enthusiasts visiting John Deere’s anniversary celebrations.
Combine Veteran: Veteran Kent farmer has been driving combines for a remarkable 67 seasons.
Fastrac Special: Fastrac Development: Our look back over 25 years of Fastrac history leading up to today’s machines.
Fastrac Special: Old & New: The oldest and newest Fastracs are 25 years apart, but have a lot in common.
Fastrac Special: Product Launch: JCB celebrates 25 years of the Fastrac and introduces its high-hp 8000 Series.
Reflections: Pete King looks back at his time as a Deutz PowerPress baler demo driver.
Reader Rebuild: A rare Deutz PowerPress baler goes to work in Ireland after a thorough refurb.
Ford 6000: The story of the Ford 6000, a US-built model that gave owners lots of trouble.
Record Rematch: Hundreds of Ferguson and MF tractors assembled in Donegal for a new record.

Classic Tractor Issue 187 November 2016 

Reader Rebuild: No stone has been left unturned in this outstanding David Brown 1412 refurb.
Fleet Profile: These five IH and Case-IH tractors fit in a treat on this small Cumbrian farm.
Original Classic: When a big V8 muscle tractor arrived from the US, we were there to greet it.
Tractor Trials: How the NIAE compared the output of a Ford, Roadless and County in the 70s.
Harvest Special: From the Archives: A look back to the harvesting heyday when most farmers owned a combine.
Harvest Special: Golden Senator: It is 50 years since Claas launched the Senator, heralding a new combine era.umber 187 November 2016
Harvest Special: Senator Testimonials: Visits to four farms where 1960s and 70s Senators still bring in the harvest.
Harvest Special: Landmark Claas: We take a look at the 200,000th Claas combine built in 1968 and see it today.
Harvest Special: Clayson Fleet: Three NH Claysons, all small models, go to work harvesting in the same field.
Working Classics: We visit 20 classic combines that were all working commercially during 2016.

Classic Tractor Issue 186 October 2016 

Reader Rebuild: This superb rebuilt Zetor Crystal 8011 from 1977 is impressive in every area.
Fleet Profile: This Scottish contracting business has changed from DB to Deere and Claas.
Tractor Trials: We look at the field trials undertaken by the NIAE between 1964 and 1971.
John Deere Special: Scottish Factory: The fascinating and untold story of the factory JD wanted to build in Scotland.
John Deere Special: The Early Years: Retired employee Peter Leech reflects on life at John Deere during the 1970s.
John Deere Special: Langar Then & Now: We take a tour of the old and new parts of John Deere Limited’s HQ at Langar.016
John Deere Special: Pictorial History: Pictures from the past tell the story of John Deere Ltd in the UK and Ireland.
John Deere Special: Irish Celebration: Ireland kicked of the celebrations with a gathering of JD gear in Co.Limerick.
John Deere Special: Heritage Celebration: A look forward to the JD50 event that is being held at Langar on 24-25 Sept.
From the Archives: A box of slides taken at the 1959 Royal Show inspired this look at farm shows.
Tractor Exports: A very detailed analysis of the import and export figures for all used tractors.

Classic Tractor Issue 185 September 2016 

Fleet Profile: This Leicestershire farm runs a fleet of classic David Brown and Case tractors.
Reader Rebuild: Refurbished to concours standard, this super Deere 3040 is a real head-turner.
Show Report: Tractor Fest at Yorkshire’s Newby Hall was bigger and better than ever in 2016.
Collectors’ Special: Farmall-Land USA: We visit an epic collection in the USA that’s dedicated solely to the IH brand
Collectors’ Special: Painting Survey: Our referendum results on whether to repaint a Ford 7810 or keep it original.
Collectors’ Special: Classic Deeres: Ben Webb works with modern Deeres and is growing a collection of classics.
Collectors’ Special: Investment: Are tractors a good investment? Better than money in the bank, says this study.
Collectors’ Special: Ford Collection: We visit Paul Cable’s super collection of classic Ford models and derivatives.
From the Archives: A look back at the David Brown show stands from the maker’s halcyon days.
Classic Implements: Renowned for trailers, F. W. Pettit was also a builder of cultivation equipment.

Classic Tractor Issue 184 August 2016 

Marshall 100-4: As the last-ever Marshall 100-4 returns to the UK, we discover its past history.
Foraging Special: Silage History: How silage became established and the early harvesting machines that made it.
Foraging Special:John Deere 5820: This John Deere self-propelled forager provides harvesting power on a budget.
Foraging Special:NH Harvesters: Visitors to the Grass & Muck event in Ireland were treated to a NH spectacle.
Foraging Special:Fiat Hesston 7735: Having an engineer in the family helps reduce forage costs on this Yorks farm.
Foraging Special:Border Grassmen: The Border Counties Vintage Grassmen put on a special show in Co. Monaghan.
Foraging Special:Case Study: We visit four farmers using trailed JF forage harvesters and get their views.
UK Tractor Market: DfT figures provide a good indication of the market shares by brand in 2015.
Tractor Trade: The highs and lows at Boston Tractors, a large and busy MF agent for 55 years.
Fleet Profile: We visit a fleet with over 40 Ford and NH tractors, doing a very different job.
Show Report: Zetors gathered at Fraserburgh to mark the brand’s 50th anniversary in the UK.

Classic Tractor Issue 183 July 2016

Tractor Factories: A look back at the tractor factories that created the classics in the 20th century.
Modern Classics: Fleet Profile: Classic David Browns and more recent John Deeres make up this two-tier fleet.
Modern Classics: NH Anniversary: Looking back to the launch of the New Holland 35/L and 60/M Series in 1996.
Modern Classics: Tractor Trade: Good dealer support means a lot to the owner of this busy modern classic fleet.
Modern Classics: Hi-Vis Tractors: Steeply-sloping tractor bonnets arrived in the 1990s, improving forward vision.
Modern Classics: Deutz-Fahr AgroStars: It unusual to find a farm running a pair of Deutz-Fahr AgroStar ‘droop snoots’.
Modern Classics: Popular Selection: A review of four popular used tractors offering some value-for-money power.
Factory to Field: A new exhibition at Coventry marks the city’s links with MF and tractors.
John Deere Museum: Deere’s Tractor & Engine Museum at Waterloo plots the company’s history.

Classic Tractor Issue 182 June 2016

Original Classic: Out in the field with the owner of the very first John Deere 5020 in the UK.
Rebuild Special: Paperwork: When you buy a tractor, the first job is to sort out the all-important paperwork.
Rebuild Special: Ford 7000: Chris Allen reveals the challenges that he faced when rebuilding a Ford 7000.
Rebuild Special: MF 290 Rebuild: The man behind the overhaul of a 1984 MF 290 runs through the cost involved.
Rebuild Special: JD Parts Specialist: Nick Young Tractor Parts is one of the UK’s largest JD tractor parts suppliers.
Rebuild Special: Expert Tips: Ben Craig, a leading rebuild specialist, passes on some brilliant hints and tips.
From the Archives: A review of tractor cabs, from the very earliest through to the end of the 1960s.
Engineer Training: Refurbishing classic tractors is proving top training for tomorrow’s technicians.
Eastern Counties Show: The growing Eastern Counties Vintage Show has plenty to interest classic fans.
Fortschritt Tractors: We go behind the Iron Curtain to look at the history of the Fortschritt tractor.
Pettit Trailers: A look at the history of F. W. Pettit, a top trailer maker of the 1960s and 70s.

Classic Tractor Issue 181 May 2016

Reader Rebuild: A tired four-wheel drive DB 1410 gets transformed into a multi-award winner.
Tractor History: Fendt has come a long way in the UK since its tractors went on sale in 1973.
Case Study: Fendt tractors from the classic era still earning their keep on farms in Ireland.
Fleet Profile: Three generations of Fendt tractors are used on the Raley family’s arable farm.
Tractor Trade: We visit the UK’s longest-established Fendt dealer and talk to its customers.
Fendt Rebuild: Garrett O’Sullivan’s meticulous Fendt 615LSA rebuild is genuinely stunning.
Original Classic: A dealer shows us the lovely Roadless Ploughmaster 80 he’s taken into stock.
Tractor World: There was more to see than ever at the Tractor World show, including Zetors
From the Archives: Our review of the changes in machines used for applying sprays and fertilisers.

Classic Tractor Issue 180 April 2016

Fleet Profile: The Smith family run their arable and dairy farm using a large fleet of blues.
Reader Rebuild: A top-spec John Deere 2850 is given a skillful overhaul by brand specialists.
Badge Engineering: Introduction: Our ‘Badge Engineering’ special starts off with an explanation of the concept.
Badge Engineering: General Tractors: A review some of the tractors built by one manufacturer and sold by another.
Badge Engineering: MF Connections: We look at some of the tie-ups that MF has been involved with over the years.
Badge Engineering: Compacts: Badge engineering has been rife in the under-40hp sector since the late 1970s.
Badge Engineering: Pivot Steers: A number of major companies sourced their high-hp tractors from other firms.
Badge Engineering: Case Study: Classic-era badge-engineered tractors are still hard at work on British farms.
From the Archives: We celebrate almost 70 years of Land Rovers as the last one leaves Solihull.
Somerset Show: Classic highlights from the Somerset Tractor Show held at Shepton Mallet.
Prairie Monsters: South African maker Agrico has built big artic tractors for the past 30 years.
LAMMA Show: We have a full review of the parts and accessories at the epic LAMMA show.

Classic Tractor Issue 179 March 2016

Fleet Profile: The Addy family farm close to the old DB factory, using a fleet of its tractors.
Deere Comparison: We review the changes to John Deere’s mid-range models since the mid-1980s.
Aids to Traction: Getting a Grip: Summary of the traction aids that have helped tractors get power to the ground.
Aids to Traction: Axle Configurations: A review of the various four-, six- and even eight-wheel drive configurations.
Aids to Traction: Auction Bargains: Second-hand weights, wheels and tyres can cost effectively boost your traction.
Brazilian Imports: We visit a Dutch dealer with three big Brazilian-built New Hollands in stock.
Factory History: Former MF employees recall life at the company’s combine factory in Canada.
Memory Lane: Mike Gormley looks back at his travels overseas working in sales with County.

Classic Tractor Issue 178 February 2016

Fleet Profile: Farming and contracting in Co. Cavan with a fleet of reliable high-hour blues.
Case Study: The latest 110hp Hürlimann model is compared with its three predecessors.
Modern Classics: A fleet of classic and modern tractors go to work harvesting Christmas trees.
Influential Models: The Top 10: See if you agree with our choice of the 10 most influential tractors since 1965.
Influential Models: JCB Fastrac: An exclusive look at the development project that produced the JCB Fastrac.
Influential Models: JD 6000 Series: A look behind the scenes at how and why the 6000 Series was introduced.
Show Report: Round-up of the classic machinery that was on display at Agritechnica in 2015.
Original Classic: The only Claas Commandor 228 left in Scotland is in fantastic order for its age.
Reader Rebuild: This Nuffield 4/65 isn’t just great from the outside; internally it’s in top shape.
From the Archives: A history of Caterpillar farm crawlers in Britain, with a focus on the classics.

Classic Tractor Issue 177 January 2016

Fleet Profile: DB, Case-IH and McCormick tractors help to gather apples in Herefordshire.
Newark Show: All the classic tractor highlights from the huge 2015 Newark Tractor Show.
Made in the Eighties: Industry Overview: Exploring the background to the 1980s mergers that changed the tractor world.
Made in the Eighties: Eighties Reunion: Fifteen tractors, all 1980s models, get together for a memorable day in Lincs.
Made in the Eighties: Push-Pull Ploughs: County fan Philip Warren has recreated the 80s heyday of the push-pull plough.
Made in the Eighties: MF 600 Series: David Walker recalls the development and introduction of the MF 600 Series.
From the Archives: Charting the history of the plough and how it has developed in the classic era.
Veteran Combines: Massey-Harris 21: A 1950s Harvest Brigade is re-created with four Massey-Harris 21 combines.
Veteran Combines: Massey Ferguson 500: This veteran MF 500 combine has just completed its 51st consecutive harvest.
Veteran Combines: MF 780 & 415: This pair of MF combines have got 102 years between them and they still work.
Tractor Trade: We profile McPherson Agri and check out the modern classics it has in stock.