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Classic Tractor Issue 140 December 2012

Prairie Monsters: Two Classic Internationals from North Amercia are put to work in a UK field
Fleet Profile: Modern and classic John Deeres rule in Ratcliffe Farms’ fleet in Leicestershire
Conversions Weekend: Blue Force’s Ford tractor conversions working weekend attracted 174 entries
Fendt Factory Tour: Major investments by Fendt are aimed at raising output at its Germany factory
Reader Rebuild: A Case-IH 1494 is returned to normal after a life on a Standen beet harvester
Sugar Beet Special: From The Archives: Archive photos help us track the early advances in sugar beet harvesting
Sugar Beet Special: Case Study: Owners of old sugar beet harvesters give us their views on their machines
Sugar Beet Special: Reflections: Peter Claxton recalls his three decades heading Armer-Salmon’s UK business
Tractor Development: How DB’s white Selectamatic tractors came to be launched in the mid-1960s
Memory lane: Former DB field tester Anthony Heath recalls a Case/Cummins engine project
Tractor Trade: We profile the Doubleday Group as it marks 30 years dealing in John Deere

Classic Tractor Issue 139 November 2012

Tractor Conversions: County has launched a high-clearance kit for the latest New Holland tractors
Record Attempt: We report from August’s single-chop forager record attempt in Co.Galway
Stock Farm Special: Loader Tractors: Our case study examines eight loader tractors at work on Scottish hill farms
Stock Farm Special: Fleet Profile: We profile a Derbyshire livestock farm that runs a fleet of 17 classic fords
Stock Farm Special: Scraper Tractors: A look at two Indian-built tractors that are well suited to yard scraping duties
Reader Rebuild: A 1970 County 1124 that has just been rebuilt gets stuck into some field work.
Autumn Cultivations: Wonderful archive pictures of some of the cultivation kit of the classic period
MF Show: A full report from MF’s ‘Vision of the Future’ customer event held in France
Japanese Tractors: We look at tractor brands in Japan and their links to familiar firms in the west
Working Classics: A father and son from Northumberland trust their cereal harvest to MF classics
Memory Lane: Anthony Heath’s recalls more projects from his time in DB’s Field Test Dept

Classic Tractor Issue 138 October 2012

Reader Rebuild: David Shaw’s first tractor project is an impressive Leyland 255 dating to 1974
Landmark Tractors: We mark 20 years of the John Deere 6000 Series with a look at its development
Old vs New: Simon Henley compares a John Deere 6400 with the very latest 6125R model
Quadtrac Record: We report from Lincolnshire where 50 Quadtracs set a powerful world record
Harvest Special: Classic Combines: We trace the evolution of self-propelled combines from their 1950s proliferation
Harvest Special: Combine Record: How Combines 4 Charity won back its record with 208 combines in one field
Harvest Special: Photo Opportunity: New Holland dealer T.H.White has recreated a photograph taken in 1984
Harvest Special: Laverda Model: Austin James’ scratch built 1/24-scale Laverda combine is so detailed
Harvest Special: Claas Flagship: The latest Claas Lexion flagship has a greater output and more engine power
John Deere Display: More than 100 Deere exhibits made an impressive display at this village event
Ford 8401: South Essex Motor’s attempt to design a MKII version of the Ford 8100 model
Memory Lane: Anthony Heath’s recollections of life in DB’s field test department at Meltham

Classic Tractor Issue 137 September 2012

Reader Rebuild: A Mercedes-Benz MB-Trac 1000 has been subject to a stunning overhaul
Fleet Profile: A Bedfordshire family that run both old and new fleets of blue tractors
Giants of the Field: Driving Comparison: Five classic tractor enthusiasts compare high-powered US tractors of the 1960s
Giants of the Field: Tractor Pulling: As tractor pulling makes a comeback in the UK, we look at four teams’ tractors
Giants of the Field: The Push for Power: Turning to the archives to track the rise of tractor horsepower during the 1970s
College Rebuild: Students at Wiltshire College Lackham complete a poignant Nuffield overhaul
Zetor Fiorterra HSX: A visit to Zetor’s Brno factory to look at the Czech manufacturer’s latest model
Case Study: Narrow tractors used in Scotland’s soft fruit industry come under the spotlight
Newby Hall Show: Highlights from the Yorkshire Vintage Association’s annual near Ripon
Memory Hall: His four-year apprenticeship completed, Anthony Heath starts his first job at DB

Classic Tractor Issue 136 August 2012

Reader Rebuild: Paul Stevenson has realised his dream of owning a big US-built International
Fleet Profile: We visit the Yeats who work a fleet of different brands up in Northumberland
Forage Harvesting: Contracting Crew: A day in the life of Adam Preston, a Leicestershire-based silage contractor
Forage Harvesting: Self-Propelled Classics: We look at four classic self-propelled foragers that are still active in Ireland
Forage Harvesting: Archive Images: Rare images of early foragers from the Museum of English Rural Life archive
Forage Harvesting: Class Jaguar History: We trace the development of the Claas Jaguar that was launched back in 1973
Forage Harvesting: Reflections: John Fisher recalls his experiences of making silage  from the 1950s to 2007
Case Study: We talk to eight Scottish farmers happy to run traditional end-wheel grain drills

Classic Tractor Issue 135 July 2012

Fleet Profile: We’re in Co.Antrim to see the Massey Ferguson fleet run by F & J Kennedy
Case-IH Comparison: Comparing the Case-IH 844XL, 895XL and 856XL to find out which is best
Hits & Misses: Four farmers from Co.Cork in Ireland reveal their best and worst tractor buys
JOHN DEERE 175 YEARS: History: Our report from JD’s 175th anniversary press tour starts with a lesson in history
JOHN DEERE 175 YEARS: Moline Factory: Established in 1927, JD’s Moline plant is home to the big S Series harvesters
JOHN DEERE 175 YEARS: Waterloo Factory: Deere’s largest tractors and cabs for all products are built at the Waterloo plant
JOHN DEERE 175 YEARS: Technology: Autonomous tractors are just one of the developments that Deere is working on
JOHN DEERE 175 YEARS: Farming: Rural Iowa’s farm machinery scene is dominated by classic and modern JDs
Product Support: We look at the work of New Holland’s Basildon-based Demonstration Team
Reader Rebuild: The story behind the total rebuild of an unusual IH 634 awd industrial model
Ford 8401: How and why the Ford 8401 was built to match Australian market conditions
Tractor Trade: We visit Derbyshire-based tractor parts supplier AMG Engineering’s open day
Case Study: Ransomes ploughs haven’t completely died out. Here’s six that are still active
Reflections: Cornishman John Cook recalls his years selling Ford tractors in his home county
Memory Lane: Anthony Heath recalls his first spell of field testing at DB’s Meltham factory

Classic Tractor Issue 134 June 2012

Fleet Profile: Simon Henley visits the Colwill family who have used IH tractors for 70 years.
Deere Comparison: We compare Deere’s 7810 and 7930 in our unique working tractor comparison.
Tyre Market Guide: A major survey of the new tyre options and costs for a JD 7530 and Ford 7610.
DAVID BROWN SPECIAL: Working Classics: We hear from the owners of eight DB classics that are still very hard at work.
DAVID BROWN SPECIAL: Factory Photographs: A selection of archive pictures taken at DB’s Meltham Mills factory in the 60s.
DAVID BROWN SPECIAL: Buyers Guide: Some useful pointers on what to check for when inspecting a 1980s DB 1190.
DAVID BROWN SPECIAL: We examine John Simpson’s massive collection of DB tractors and crawlers.
Reader Rebuild: Michael Kelly’s Schluter E7800TV is the only example of its type in Ireland.
Tractor Loaders: We trace the development of front-end tractor loaders from the 1940s onwards.
Memory Lane: Anthony Heath continues the story of his apprenticeship with DB in the 70s.

Classic Tractor Issue 133 May 2012

Fleet Profile: MF tractors rule in the Hynd family’s large and well- kept fleet in Perthshire.
Prairie Monsters: The history of MF 1505s that came to the UK and a look at the best one here.
Tyre Developments: We follow the evolution of low ground pressure tyres from the 1960s to today.
MODERN CLASSICS: Reader Rebuild: Mark and Scott McLaren have made a superb job of refurbishing a Ford 7840
MODERN CLASSICS: Case Study: Four long-term owners give their views on McCormick’s MTX Series machines
MODERN CLASSICS: Review of 1992: We turn the clock back 20 years to look at the tractors making headlines
MODERN CLASSICS: Challenger History: How the Challenger 65 rubber-tracked tractor was brought to market in 1987
Rarity Recovered: How a stolen rare MF 4335 tractor was recovered and returned to East Sussex
Show Report: Tractor World 2012 at Malvern’s Three Counties Showground
Reflections: Simon Carter recalls his introduction to farming and Ford tractors in the Sixties
Memory Lane: Former DB field test driver Anthony Heath recalls his apprentice training

Classic Tractor Issue 132 April 2012

Reader rebuild: We visit Fife to see a marvellous 1972 MF 185 fully restored by Robert Aird.
Original Classic: A Ford 7000 dating back to 1973 has a special place in John Miles’ collection.
Reflections: Des Wootton tells Simon Henley about his 60 years working with IH machines.
Classic Combine: We profile a Connor-Shea Auto-Header combine that’s still at work in Australia.
Push Ploughs: We look at the development of the push plough and its place in modern farming.
Memory Lane: Anthony Heath recalls his years as an apprentice at DB’s plant in Yorkshire.
Case Study: Four modern classic tractors on feeder wagon duty are put under the spotlight.
Show Report: Rory Day reports from the Somerset Tractor Show held at Shepton Mallet.
Tractor Registrations: How many tractors are there in Britain? The DVLA figures provide an answer.
Tractor Trade: As the business winds down, we trace the long history of Arter Bros of Kent.

Classic Tractor Issue 131 March 2012

Reader rebuild: We find out how Chris Jubb turned his rare John Deere 8430 into a show prize winner.
The Class of 82: We turn back the clock 30 years with a look at the mainstream tractors of 1982.
2WD Specials: 48 Upton MT-855: This rare 300hp 2WD from the 1970s is still hard at work in rural Australia.
2WD Specials: International 576: There are more questions than answers about these rare Japanese-built tractors.
2WD Specials: Marshall 902XL: A true one-off, this Marshall 902 rarity was sold to a Liverpool farmer in 1988.
Front Linkages: Graham Thompstone traces the origins and rising popularity of front linkages.
Bathgate History: Exploring the quarter-century history of Scotland’s Bathgate tractor factory.
Reflections: Ray Runciman, who has retired as MD of Collings Bros, reflects on his career.
Photo Competition: We announce the winners in our 2011 ‘Power on the land’ photo competition.

Classic Tractor Issue 130 February 2012

Reader rebuild: Collector George Yarwood has made his ’81 Roadless 78K better than new.
Fleet Profile: The Collen family from Norfolk have a long history of operating Lamorghinis.
Original Classic: This Case IH 1455XL was the very last new one sent to the UK from Germany.
Diesel Update: What’s in your diesel tank? We look at the first full year of low-sulphur diesel.
Newark Show: Prize winners and outstanding exhibits seen at the 2011 Newark Tractor Show.
Case Study: Three owners give their impressions of Case-IH’s Maxxum MX Series tractors.
Agritechnica 2011: Rounding up the highlights on show at Europe’s largest farm machinery event.
Reflections: Former Deere technician Mel Bowen picks his best of the 1960s, 70s and 80s.
Tractor Trade: Our new series looking at the 170-year old history of Co. Durham dealer Paxtons.

Classic Tractor Issue 129 January 2012

Fleet Profile: Three New Holland TM tractors sit at the heart of this Irish contracting fleet.
Driving Comparison: We put MF’s 698T four-cylinder turbo up against the brand’s six-cylinder 699.
Prairie Monsters: A huge 65m drill is pulled by a pair of tracked Deeres in big Australian fields.
Ultimate Barn Finds: Massey Ferguson 135: With only five recorded hours, this MF 135 QD is exactly as it left the factory.
Ultimate Barn Finds: White Field Boss: We unearth four very low hours White Field Boss tractors in southern Ireland.
Ultimate Barn Finds: Ford 5000: This 40-year-old Ford Force tractor has only done 9.6 hours and is very original.
JCB Exhibition: ‘The Story of JCB’ exhibition is now open at the firm’s Rocester World HQ.
Case Study: Three operators of tractors with Soucy Track Systems report on their progress.
Reader Rebuild: Paul Roegele’s Ransomes 902 combine is back in the field after a 30-year break.