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Classic Tractor Issue 128 December 2011

High Hours Special: Leyland 272 Synchro: Noel Cowper’s 1980 Leyland has now accumulated an amazing 52,000 hours.
High Hours Special: John Deere 6010 Series: Norfolk-based Tunmore Farm Services run two very high-houred John Deeres.
High Hours Special: Case-IH Maxxum: A clean Case-IH 5140 in Holland that has amassed 19,600 hours in 16 years.
Ford Fleet: A look at a Fife family farm where the tractor fleet contains seven great blues.
Reader Rebuild: Mick Evans’ 1968 IH 624 led a really charmed life before being refurbished.
Case Study: We visit the Scottish Borders to see three Fahr and Deutz-Fahr combines.
Prairie Monsters: Simon Henley tracked down two rare Wagner tractors in rural Oxfordshire.
Fuel Security: With farm diesel still under threat from thieves, here’s some advice on security.
Claas Launch: We report from Germany where Claas unveiled their latest Axion 900 Series.

Classic Tractor Issue 127 November 2011

Brits Abroad Special: International Harvester: Doncaster-built IH Worldwide and 84 Series tractors at work overseas.
Brits Abroad Special: County: Selling County tractors in Zimbabwe was rewarding, but did have its risks.
Brits Abroad Special: Nuffield & Leyland: Rare archive pictures of Nuffield and Leyland tractors that went for export.
Brits Abroad Special: Farming in Hungary: Hungarian farmers are updating their fleets with Western-made equipment.
Reader Rebuild: Ian Smith’s Ford 7610 Generation III sparkles again after its super overhaul.
MF 3000 Series: The story behind the development of the MF 3000 Series during the 1980s.
Fleet Profile: Warwickshire farmer Kevin Welsby is a major fan of the IH/Case-IH tractors.
Case IH Competition: A brilliant Case IH driver’s kit is the main prize in our reader competition.
Classic MF Combines: This year’s Maldon working event in Essex featured an MF harvest theme.

Classic Tractor Issue 126 October 2011

Ford 7000 Special: Our celebration to mark 40 years since the launch of the Ford 7000 starts here.
Ford 7000 Special: History: The exclusive behind the scenes story of how Ford developed its turbo 7000.
Ford 7000 Special: Memories: Former employees of Ford recall their experiences of working with the 7000.
Ford 7000 Special: Buying Advice: What to look for when buying a Ford 7000. We have advice from an expert.
Ford 7000 Special: Parts Guide: A look at some of the 7000 parts that are available and how much they cost.
Reader Rebuild: The attention to detail on this 1969 MF 135 is superb and a credit to its owner.
Trailed Foragers: Trailed foragers still have a following, as we discover from 13 farmer owners.
British Boom: The early 1970s were a boom time for all British-based tractor manufacturers.
Forager Record: Irish enthusiasts gather 26 single-chop harvesters in one field in Co. Galway.
Prairie Monsters: A very tidy IH 4166 from the mid-70s flexes its muscles on a Canadian farm.
Four Pots, More Power: We take a look at how the outputs of four-cylinder turbo models have risen
Reflections: A time-served tractor man reflects on his good and bad drives over 50 years.

Classic Tractor Issue 125 September 2011

Fleet Profile: As far as Norfolk farmer Stuart Taylor is concerned, blue is certainly the best.
Claas in the UK: Claas just sold its 5000th tractor in the UK. We look at how this was achieved.
Ford Series 40: Four owners give us their opinions on their Ford and NH Series 40 machines.
John Deere Launch: Deere’s new 6R and 7R Series models were launched in late June in Portugal.
Newby Hall Show: This year’s YVA show at Newby Hall had IH/McCormick as its main theme.
Giants of the Field: Massey Ferguson 1100: The UK story of the high-hp MF 1100 and why sales failed to really take-off.
Giants of the Field: Steiger Tiger: The Steiger Tiger Series IIIs were the most powerful machines of their time.
Giants of the Field: County 1474: Andrew Currie has spent a fortune on his 1980 County 1474 – and it shows.
Versatile Fleet: Four Canadian-built Versatile tractors keep costs down on a large-scale farm.
The Farmec Story: The history of Massey Ferguson agent Farmec, from the 1970s to the present.
Memory Lane: Graham Thompstone writes about his final tasks before he left Ford in 1981.

Classic Tractor Issue 124 August 2011

Modern Classics: Contractor Andrew Green runs a fleet of six Kubotas and says they are great.
Worldwide Tribute: As the McCormick CX Series departs, we trace its history back over 40 years.
Fendt launch: Fendt’s 700 Vario SCR Series models offer larger cabs and Stage 3b engines.
Fleet Profile: The Allis-Chalmers brand is alive and well on the McKees’ farm in Australia.
Reflections: Memories and pictures of classic John Deeres working in the 1970s and ’80s.
The Farmec Story: Our history of Farmec, a leading MF dealer in Scotland, reaches the 1960s.
Schluter in the UK: Looking back on Schluter’s brief but memorable period on sale in the UK.
Combine Specialists: JMT Engineering provide a specialist combine hire and parts refurb service.

Classic Tractor Issue 123 July 2011

Fleet Profile: With eight classic Fords on 160 acres, J. R. & S. R. Harris are well equipped.
Case Study: Three Massey Ferguson 6455 owners give us their opinions of their tractors.
Extreme Farming: Landini owners in a remote region of Scotland are supported by top dealer.
Original Classics: Welsh farmer Steve Davies prefers his Ford Super Q trio to modern machines.
Tractor World Ireland: All the best classics from the Tractor World Ireland show held in Co. Cork.
Lely Victory Combine: New information comes to light on the Lely combines made in the UK.
Massive 12m Drill: A JD 3050 is all that’s required to pull this 12m Ferranti Horsch-Accord drill.
Reekie Group History: Taking on Ferguson in 1947 was the making of Gavin Reekie’s dealership.
National Road Run: A record 777 tractors took part in the National Road Run in Pembrokeshire.
Grassland 1990 Review: We turn the clock back 21 years with our look at the Grassland 1990 demo.
Trike Tracs: Trike tractor conversions are a Dutch speciality. Here’s several of the latest.

Classic Tractor Issue 122 June 2011

Performance Test: A chipped JD 6920 is compared with a standard version in our in-field test.
Reader Rebuild: This MF 165 with Eden-Manuel 4WD has been returned to as-new condition.
Dyno Day Results: The results from a charity Dyno Day held recently at Myerscough College.
John Deere 50 Series Special: History Review: The history of the JD 50 Series, from its launch in 1986 through until 1994.
John Deere 50 Series Special: Owners’ Views: Five owners give us their opinions on the JD 50 Series tractors they operate.
John Deere 50 Series Special: Buying Advice: Buying advice, parts prices and a look at current used values – it’s all in here.
Ford 8830 Rarity: Fitted with a Dual Power transmission, this imported Ford 8830 is a rare sight.
Fleet Profile: Mighty V8-engined machines rule on this 3000-acre Australian arable farm.
The PTO Story: Our history of the PTO begins with a look at ground and live-drive designs.

Classic Tractor Issue 121 May 2011

Reader Rebuild: This very late Case-IH 1594 has been on the receiving end of a total rebuild.
Fleet Profile: The Wright family from Norfolk have a long history of buying Ford and NH.
Tractor World Show: Our Tractor World show report looks at the top classics at this indoor event
10th Anniversary Special: Magazine History: The Editor looks at how CLASSIC TRACTOR has evolved since 2001.
10th Anniversary Special: Depreciation beaters: Our review of the second-hand market identifies the top depreciation beaters.
10th Anniversary Special: Meet The People: Our longest serving writers name their highlights since the magazine’s launch.
10th Anniversary Special: Market Share Review: Plotting the market share movements of the main tractor brands since 2001.
The History of Vicon: We mark Vicon’s centenary with a review of its history and machinery.
SIMA Highlights: All the top news from the impressive SIMA machinery show held in Paris.
Classic Comparison: A Roadless Ploughmaster 75 and MF 178 4WD go head to head in our test.

Classic Tractor Issue 120 April 2011

Fleet Profile: Old Fords have a significant presence in the fleet of A. Forsyth (Farmwork).
Reader Rebuild: David Brown expert David Smith has totally refurbished his 1970 DB 1200.
Reflections: Alan Hawes’ career story ends with a review of his New Holland highlights.
David Brown Collection: Paul Holmes has a lovely collection of Lincs-registered David Brown tractors.
Valtra 60 Years: Valtra celebrates 60 years of building tractors with a look back and forward.
Somerset Tractor Show: Somerset’s Vintage & Classic Tractor Show featured over 200 great exhibits.
Driving Impression: Ford FW fan David Pearson tries out its successor, the colossal NH T9050.
Hits & Misses: Three Warwickshire farmers tell us all about their best and worst tractor buys.

Classic Tractor Issue 119 March 2011

Fleet Profile: Tween & Carlick’s fleet comprises 15 great tractors spread across six brands.
Reader Rebuild: First-time tractor rebuilder Garry Cron has done a brilliant job on his MF 290.
Classic Comparison: We visit a Suffolk farm that operates a Ford 7610 and 7810 in a frontline role.
Contracting Memories: In conversation with Anthony Forsyth, founder of A. Forsyth (Farmwork) Ltd.
Reflections: Deutz and M-B feature in part two of the series on Alan Hawes’ long career.
Case Study NH TL/TL-A: Four NH TL/TL-A users give us their verdicts on these rugged little tractors.
Euro Focus Special: Lindner: High-tech, high-spec & high price, the Lindner brand is really big in the Alps.
Euro Focus Special: Lely-Dechentreiter: A rare pair of ‘60s Lely-Dechentreiter combines face a very uncertain future.
Euro Focus Special: Schluter: A Schluter 9500TV that worked in the UK during the ‘80s is now up for sale.
Euro Focus Special: Dutra/Steyr: The Weststeiermark region of Austria is home to a trio of Hungarian Dutras.

Classic Tractor Issue 118 February 2011

Prairie Monsters: Tween & Our man in Canada visits possibly the last working Wagner-built JD WA-14.
Fuel Focus: All you need to know about the latest low-sulphur diesel and gas oil is here.
Newark Show: Our extensive Newark report looks at the classics and the superb DB theme.
Tractor Theft: Thieves hit a Glos farmer hard, taking two tractors at his busiest time of year.
Reflections: First of a two-part article on the career of tractor industry legend Alan Hawes.
Reader Rebuild: A County 1004 Forward Control from the early 1970s gets a complete refurb.
Tractor Trade: Ex-Leyland/Marshall dealer Norman Little still looks after the two brands.
Jones Highlander: A James Jones Highlander 60 forestry tractor gets a deserving refurbishment.
EIMA Show: All the highlights from Italy’s EIMA show held at Bologna’s Trade Centre.
Farm Finds Special: Leyland 472: This genuine, one-owner Leyland 472 Synchro is now being offered for sale.
Farm Finds Special: Muir-Hill 161: A rare farm-spec Muir-Hill 161 is back in England after spending time in Sweden.
Farm Finds Special: Ford 8200: Assembled by County, this Ford 8200 tractor is a lovely, untouched example.
Farm Finds Special: International 454: David Sinclair’s early and original IH 454 is still going strong after 39 years.

Classic Tractor Issue 117 January 2011

Fleet Profile: Co. Cork’s Tait family have been loyal to the MF brand for over 40 years..
Custom Cutting: Owen Hargreaves lived the dream life working for a custom cutter in the US.
Fordson Haulage: A vintage Fordson Major carts beet to Kings Lynn to raise money for charity.
Original Classics: Norfolk contractor Tim Matthews runs five 80s MB-tracs in his frontline fleet.
Tractors of the 70s: The Top 10 Classics: Our all-time top 10 tractors of the 70s. Find out who’s in there and who’s not.
Tractors of the 70s: Best-Sellers Compared: Three of the 70s best-selling quiet cab models are evaluated by our test team.
Tractors of the 70s: The Big Interview: The Three participants in our interview have 130 years of industry experience.
Tractors of the 70s: Quiet Cab Review: ome of the changes forced on tractor makers to meet the 1976 Q legislation.
Tractors of the 70s: County Reflections: Mike Gormley’s short, sweet but very successful time with County in Africa.