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Classic Tractor Issue 104 December 2009

Fleet Profile: The Bower family rely on a fleet of classic JD 40 and 50 Series tractors.
ROADLESS @ 90: Roadless 90 Show: Highlights from David Leech’s super Roadless 90 working event at Lincoln.
ROADLESS @ 90: Roadless Reflections: Roadless reflections with ex-salesman and head demonstrator, Mervyn Ford.
ROADLESS @ 90: Roadless 700 rebuild: Kenneth Bell was determined to return his 1968 Roadless 700 to original spec.
Horses for Courses: Designed for the developing countries, MF’s 400 Series are strong and simple.
IH 523 4WD Rebuild: Mick Evans’ 1969 IH 523 is believed to be the only 4WD model in the UK.
New Holland TM155: New Holland TM155 background plus owner opinion on this emerging classic.
Classic Combines: Classic combines of the ’50s and ’60s at an old-time working day in Norfolk.
WHAT’S NEW: Claas: Claas Arion 400 Series will carry the fight in the popular 100-120hp sector.
WHAT’S NEW : Fendt: New 200 Vario and 800 Vario Series models join the growing Fendt range.
WHAT’S NEW: Massey Ferguson: MF finally unveils its much-vaunted hybrid combine: the new 9280 Delta.

Classic Tractor Issue 103 November 2009

Best Buys: Our choice of four John Deeres from under £5000 up to a limit of £20,000.
4WD FOCUS: Original MF 1250: Martin Everett’s articulated MF 1250 is one of the most original of its type.
4WD FOCUS: Big Iron in Action: Big iron in action at the MDVTEC’s superb annual working day in Essex.
4WD FOCUS: Designs of Distinction: Geoff Eggelton recalls the tractors he designed during a career with County.
Fleet Profile: Classic MFs and modern John Deeres make up this immaculate Devon fleet.
Growing Green: John Deere launches improved models for the low and high-hp tractor sectors.
Same Silver 110: Three Same Silver 110 owners provide an insight into this recent Italian model.
HARVEST HIGHLIGHTS: Little & Large: A vintage Claas SF works alongside a current Lexion 600 at a Suffolk demo.
HARVEST HIGHLIGHTS: Cutting it with Classics: The sight of a 60s harvest is recreated by three pristine classic MF combines.
HARVEST HIGHLIGHTS: Combine Conquest: Ireland sets a new world record for the most combines harvesting in one field.
Racetrack Recovery: Classic DB and Case tractors clean up the crashed cars at Coventry Stadium

Classic Tractor Issue 102 October 2009

Best Buys: Pocket rockets from John Deere, MF, Ford and Case-IH, all for under £10K.
BARN FINDS SPECIAL: Case-IH Maxxum 5150: With its clock showing 35 hours, this 1996 Case Maxxum 5150 is like new.
BARN FINDS SPECIAL: Matbro Mastiff No.1: Matbro’s first Mastiff is reunited with the salesman who sold it new in 1963.
BARN FINDS SPECIAL: Low hours White 4-270: This 800-hour White 4-270 has spent its life in Holland and still looks new.
AUSTRALIAN FOCUS: Only for Australia: Designed for Australia, the ’80s Ford 8401 contained many European parts.
AUSTRALIAN FOCUS: Specialist Spreaders: Stretched MB-tracs and JCB Fastracs dominate the Calcimo spreading fleet.
AUSTRALIAN FOCUS: Italian Utilities: Australian farmers give their views on MF’s 1970s/80s Landini-built models.
Memory Lane: Continuing his MF career story, Roger Read recalls the company’s early cabs.
Fleet Profile: Loyalty to the MF brand runs deep on the Carruthers’ stock farm in Cumbria

Classic Tractor Issue 101 September 2009

Transplant Transformation: Old Ford tractors don’t need to die: an engine transplant can extend their life.
Fleet Profile: Spence Contracts of Co. Down have a fleet of useful classics at their disposal.
Reader Rebuild: David Liddle spent £5000 on his 1978 IH 674 and now it looks just like new.
Hits & Misses: Our ‘Hits & Misses’ is back with more of farmers’ best and worst tractor buys.
Claas India: Claas Crop Tiger combines are made in India and designed for local conditions.
FORD FORCE ’68-’75 SPECIAL: Buying advice: Leading experts give some top advice on buying a classic Ford Force model.
FORD FORCE ’68-’75 SPECIAL: Safety cabs: A review of the parts that are available for the Ford safety cab (1970 to 1976).
FORD FORCE ’68-’75 SPECIAL: Archives: Turning back the clock with publicity pictures of the 1968-1975 Ford Force.
Tractor Trade: Upholstery kits for classics extend the range supplied by Cab Parts of Powys.
Focus on Ferguson: Ferguson and MF are the main themes in Colin Powell’s enormous collection

Classic Tractor Issue 100 August 2009

Hits of the Seventies: Seventies rivals reunited: The JD 3130, Ford 7700 and Zetor 8011 in one field.
CLASSIC TRACTOR 100: Memorable Moments: Editor Rory Day looks back at some of the key events from the first 100 issues.
CLASSIC TRACTOR 100: Milestones Remembered: A review of the special edition tractors produced by manufacturers and dealers.
CLASSIC TRACTOR 100: The Class of 2001: A look at how the new tractors of 2001 have fared since we launched this title.
MF 100 SERIES SPECIAL: Pressure Control Testing: How good was MF’s Pressure Control? Our field testers try to find the answer.
MF 100 SERIES SPECIAL: Perfection for a Pittance: Jimmy Anderson spent only £1000 on buying and rebuilding his ’65 MF 130.
MF 100 SERIES SPECIAL: Continental Classics: This group of German MF enthusiasts own a lovely set of 100 Series models.
MF 100 SERIES SPECIAL: Fascinating facts: Revealed! Ten things you didn’t know about the Massey Ferguson 100 Series.
Last of line Deere found!: John Deere’s final German-made SG2 tractor, a 3650, is discovered in Wales.
Reader Rebuild: Henry Dixon’s superb rebuild of a rare JD 4010 Hi-Crop was an amazing feat.
Versatile Big Roy: Eight driving wheels and 600hp made Versatile’s Big Roy a 1970s sensation

Classic Tractor Issue 99 July 2009

Best Buys: Four of the most influential 200hp-plus model ranges of the late ’90s reviewed.
Landmark Tractors: Massey Ferguson’s 65 was the first real high-hp rival to Fordson in the late ’50s.
David Brown collection: Northern Ireland’s Sam Kennedy owns one of the UK’s largest DB collections.
MF Fleet Profile: The Dowkes family’s MF working fleet contains a set of the 2000 Series models.
Ownership: Registration: All you need to know about registering your classic tractor for use on the road.
Ownership: Insurance: Explaining what levels of insurance are available, plus quotes from the insurers.
Ownership: Finance: Expert advice on selecting the right sort of finance to fund your dream purchase.
Reader Rebuild: Back from the dead, the rebuild of this County 1004FC was simply incredible.
Learning the Lingo: The often baffling language of modern day farming is explained by our expert.
Original Classics: A delightful Nuffield 342 and 460 roll back the years for an ex-Nuffield man.
What Happened to?: The story of David Moreton and his big implements and bespoke 1980s tractors.
Case 2294 Repair: Part one of a series follows a back-end repair on an Essex farmer’s Case 2294.
Memory Lane’: MF field tester Roger Read recalls his early experiences with the 100 Series

Classic Tractor Issue 98 June 2009

Ford TW Anniversary: Celebrating 30 years since the launch of the high-power Ford TW Series in 1979.
Best Buys: Experts’ pros and cons on five popular 100hp loader tractors from the late 90s.
Modern Classics: This month’s ‘Case Study’ features the popular McCormick CX105 XtraShift.
Prairie Monsters: Canadian farmer Joe Girodat runs a pair of big MFs alongside a 1990s Agcostar.
Power on the Land: Top photographer Peter Dean provides useful advice on how to take great pics.
Brantford’s Final Years: What became of MF’s Brantford plant, plus pictures of its prototype combines.
Driver Focus: Top 10 Tools: Our driver special gets underway with a ‘Top 10’ of tools for the tractor toolbox.
Driver Focus: Latest Kit: Our guide to some of the latest branded work clothes, driver kit and accessories.
Driver Focus: Wages: A review of the pay rates farm workers expect this summer and after 1 October.
John Deere Fleet: John Deere is No.1 in the green fleet of N. Charlton & Sons of Northumberland.
Cab Corrosion: In a roll-over, the security provided by a rusty cab could be virtually non-existent.
Tractor Electrics: Our in-depth series on electric systems concludes with finding faults in wiring.
Memory Lane: Roger Read’s recollections of his time in MF’s field test dept in the late ’50s

Classic Tractor Issue 97 May 2009

Best Buys: Ten classics that are better value than the MF 135 and will never be cheaper to buy.
Reader Rebuild: Complete overhaul for the last tractor in Roadless Traction’s historic order book.
Day of Reckoning: Myerscough College’s charity dyno day produced some surprising output results.
Fleet Profile: Hereford farmer Elliot Burman has been a keen IH combine fan for over 30 years.
Carrying with Confidence: Useful loading advice from experts who carry tractors on low-loaders and trailers.
Spotlight on SIMA: All the top tractor news from this year’s SIMA show in Paris on 22-26 February.
Mannheim Medical: Common faults on popular JD 50-Series tractors and how best to get them sorted.
Testing Time for Trailers: Farm trailer braking and performance is under the spotlight in an in-depth report.
Brantford in the Boom: How MF’s giant combine plant met the demands during the boom of the 1970s.
Tractor World Report: Malvern’s Tractor World show focused on Leyland, Roadless and David Brown.
Checking the Alternator: It’s time to check the tractor’s alternator in the third part of our series on electrics.
Memory Lane: Roger Read continues the story of his life as an MF field tester in the 1950s

Classic Tractor Issue 96 April 2009

Fleet Profile: Clean and simple is how the Borthwicks like to keep their traditional tractor fleet.
Best Buys: As prices for desirable classics soar, we find some ‘starter’ models at under £2K.
Final Fling: Inside story on what happened to County after it was bought by the Benson Group.
Modern Classics: In the first of our new ‘Case Study’ series users comment on their John Deere 7810s.
The Birth of Brantford: First a major new series featuring MF’s giant combine plant in Ontario, Canada.
Winter Wonder: Excellent Somerset Tractor Show hosts International/McCormick tractor theme.
Reader Rebuild: Mervyn McGregor’s four-wheel drive MF 188 is a super classic head-turner.
Setting the Standard: Reliable machinery and high standards are key to G. A. Willoughby’s success.
Tractor Electrics Part 2: Our useful series on tractor electrics looks into solving starting problems.

Classic Tractor Issue 95 March 2009

Fleet Profile: Australian farmer Ron Carter’s stable of classics has a local and overseas content.
Reader Rebuild: Forget ‘Jaws’, Frank Meagher’s ‘Alien’ 1981 Ford TW-30 is pure classic horror.
Saved from Extinction: County’s former PR manager provides a rare account of the firm’s rescue in 1983.
David Brown Fleet: David Brown dominates the fleet run by the Langestraat family from Rotterdam.
High-Hours Hydra-Shift: Berwyn Thomas’s ’78 DB 1212 has had a very active life, clocking 30,000 hours.
Life’s a Beach: Tracked Caterpillar Challenger 65C kept busy launching Caister-on Sea’s lifeboat.
Going for Gold: Colin Phripp’s fine collection of Harvest Gold Marshalls includes a unique 115-4.
Tractor Electrics: The Battery: Our new series on tractor electrics starts with a look at the humble tractor battery.
MF 135 QD Rebuild: Part two of our series details the sandblasting and undercoating techniques.
Memory Lane: New series: Roger Read spent 38 years working for MF. His story starts today

Classic Tractor Issue 94 February 2009

Fleet Profile: Lincs contractor David Leech has been running John Deeres since the mid-70s.
Fiat of the Future?: Could New Holland’s Nastro D’Oro 90 mark the return of the Fiat brand name?
Modern Classics: This Wilts contractor relies on a trio of classic ’90s Ford/NH Series 40 models.
Boom & Bust at Bradford: Concluding part of the story of IHGB’s Bradford Works, which closed in 1982.
Reader Rebuild: It took Kieran O’Donoghue 700 hours to complete the rebuild of his County 1164.
Doncaster Discoveries: Rare photographs and documents come to light during McCormick office move.
Persistence Pays Off: Persistence finally pays off for Claas as the Xerion makes it after a 30-year wait.
Hits & Misses: More best and worst tractor buys as our popular ‘Hits & Misses’ feature returns.
Show Report: All the main highlights from Denmark’s Agromek machinery show in November.
MF Axle Rebuild: All the parts go back together as our MF front axle rebuild is now completed.

Classic Tractor Issue 93 January 2009

Basildon Comparison: Through-the-ages drive of three classics: Ford 7810, Ford 7840 and an NH TS115.
Reader Rebuild: Bought at the Banner Lane auction sale, is this MF 590 the very last off the line?
Newark Tractor Show: November’s Vintage Tractor & Heritage Show was easily the biggest and best yet.
The IHGB Bradford Story: A fascinating account of life at IHGB’s prolific Bradford Works in South Yorks.
Working County 1884: Could this County 1884, discovered in New Zealand, be the last one at work?
Original Classics: In terms of engineering this IH ‘Snoopy’ and Case STX 325 are generations apart.
EIMA Machinery Show: All the latest tractor news from the 2008 EIMA machinery show held in Bologna.
Fleet Profile: A quintet of clean, cherished classics on an upland fell farm is quite a rare find.
MF Axle Rebuild: Part two of our series on the rebuild of a 2WD axle from a Massey Ferguson 675.
Preparing for Winter: Pre-winter servicing can make life much easier when temperatures do start to fall.